Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is widely recognised by architects, consultants and engineers as being the most suitable solution for well-insulated modern homes. It provides higher levels of efficiency and control than conventional radiator systems. Underfloor heating is a system that uses pipes below the floor to circulate warm water producing a heat source capable of heating the air above it to any required temperature.

The Perfect Solution

Underfloor heating is widely recognised by architects, consultants and engineers as being the most suitable solution for well-insulated modern homes. It provides higher levels of efficiency and control than conventional radiator systems.


Underfloor produces an even radiant heat throughout the room. Radiant heat transfers heat from a warm source (the floor) to a cold source (you). The entire floor radiates heat evenly giving ideal comfort levels.

Energy Savings

Reduced flow temperature, improved room control and the radiant heat all combine to offer savings over a conventional radiator system. With the advancement of heat pumps underfloor heating is the perfect solution and again increased efficiencies to a new level.

Health Benefits

The dryness of the floor deprives bacteria and dust mites of the moisture they need to survive, eliminating complications with allergies and asthma sufferers. The radiant heat removes the movement of dust particles associated with radiator systems.


No Cold Spots

As the whole floor is the heatsource there are no cold spots. Just an even ambient reliable heat in every part of room. Warm floor temperatures in the bathrooms & ensuites also reduce the “cold effect” normally associated with tiles.


Design Flexibility

With no radiators there is total freedom of design in terms of kitchen layouts and furniture. With modern builds having more glazing and less wall space this can be critical.


Minimal Maintenance

As the pipework is in the floor you do not need to paint or maintain radiators in the rooms as they begin to look more weathered. Radiators can also often be dust traps and places for rubbish to accumulate.

Room Control

Individual thermostat control ensures that each room is controlled by its own time and temperature program maximising efficiency and ensuring rooms are only heated to the temperatures required. Reducing overheating and unnecessary fuel usage.

Always in Control

Daikin Online Controller

The Daikin Online Controller application can control and monitor the status of your heating system and allows you to:



  • The Status of your heating system
  • Your energy consumption graphs


  • Schedule the set temperature and operation mode with up to 6 actions per day for 7 days
  • Enable Holiday Mode
  • View in Intuitive Mode


  • The operation mode and set temperature
  • Remotely control your system and domestic hot water


Daikin Online Heating Control

  • The Status of your heating system
  • Your energy consumption graphs

Main Features

  • Equipped with GDPR (data protection)
  • Remote firmware update of LAN Adapter
  • Control over multiple unit locations
*Control via the app
> Room thermostat control for space heating and domestic water
> Leaving water temperature control for domestic hot water
> External control for domestic hot water





4 Types of Flooring Systems

FloorTherm Underfloor Heating can provide solutions to any floor structure required to meet the needs of todays marketplace. Solid floor constructions are the most common in the new build market but the need for alternative solutions are becoming increasingly important in the retrofit market. Our in-house design department can provide a system to match the needs for each individual project, while ensuring the regulations of EN1264 are always adhered to

Solid Floor Screed

Our most common and energy-efficient solution that features components designed to interweave. This solution creates the ideal foundation for a heating supply network for heat retention.

  • Cost Efficient
  • High Heat Output
  • Quick & Easy Installations

Floating Floor

Floating floor structures have become increasingly popular because they not only reduce the overall loading on the building, they also reduce sound transmissions throughout dwellings.

  • Direct Insulation
  • Medium Heat Output
  • Pre-Routed Channels

Aluminium Diffuser Plates

Joist floors do require a different approach to other flooring structures as the floor is not structurally capable of holding a screed. Instead, heat mass aluminium plates are fixed to joists.

  • Retrofit Market
  • Medium Heat Output
  • Single or Channel Runs

Biscuit Mix Underfloor Heating

The dry “Biscuit Mix” underfloor heating gives extra thermal mass, reduces expansion and also reduces contraction noise which can be experienced as the floor heats and cools.

  • Noise Reduction
  • High Heat Output
  • Extra Thermal Mass

System Components

FloorTherm provides a German-manufactured high specification 5-layer PERT pipe with an internal EVOH oxygen barrier in accordance with EN4726. The pipe design guarantees a non-detachable bond of materials as they are fused together by adhesive layers of polymer. The internal EVOH barrier ensures there is no contact with moisture or external damage thus maintaining its oxygen diffusion barrier for its lifetime.

Stainless Steel Manifold

  • Max Pressure = 6 Bar
  • Max Temperature = 70°c
  • 16mm Eurocones, AAV, Manometer
  • Flow Meters with Isolation Valves


  • DIN4726 Regulated
  • DIN16833/84 Regulated
  • KIWA & SKZ Approved
  • 100mm-200mm-500mm-750mm Coils

Heating Controls

  • Fully adjustable heat controls
  • Accurate temperature to +/-1oc
  • Available in slimline, neo & wireless
  • Hot water and radiator packages

Pump & Mixing Valve Set

  • Quick & easy installation
  • Adjustable range (30-50oc)
  • Control flow temperature (+/-2oc)
  • Grundfoss A-rated UPS 25-60p/n

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