Mechanical Ventilation
Heat Recovery

As new buildings become more air tight, the levels of natural ventilation (which increases heat loss but improves the energy efficiency of the building) are greatly reduced, thus restricting the levels of fresh air entering the building; a necessity for any dwelling.


Lo-Carbon Sentinel Kinetic BH Unit

The kinetic BH unit is compact, quiet & can provide heat recovery for a dwelling requiring 45l/s of fresh air. The unit is designed with space saving in mind and it’s easy to install.

  • Volt-free switch terminals
  • Summer bypass function
  • 45l/s Output

Lo-Carbon Sentinel Kinetic Plus

The Sentinel Kinetic Plus offers up to 91% efficiency, based on backward curved impeller design, ensuring lowest possible energy consumption.

  • Volt-free switch terminals
  • Ultra-Quiet Running Mode
  • 85l/s output

Lo-Carbon Sentinel Kinetic Highflow

The Sentinel Kinetic Highflow units offer up to 91% efficiency, based on backward curved impeller design, ensuring lowest possible energy consumption.

  • Volt-free switch terminals
  • Ultra-Quiet Running Mode
  • 120l/s output

Lo-Carbon Sentinel Kinetic Advance

The Lo-Carbon Sentinel Advance is already award-winning & is seen as the new industry standard as heat recovery enters the next generation.

  • Volt-free switch terminals
  • Ultra-Quiet Running Mode
  • 60l/s output

Ventilation for every type of building

Whether you’re a shopkeeper or hotel manager, our Daikin ventilation options will help you to create a fresh, healthy and comfortable environment. Start your building project with Floortherm Renewables today!


As a market leader in heat pump technology systems, we can offer the perfect solution to your home building projects.


We don't just provide systems to home builds, we offer heat pump technology systems for hotels big and small.


Leisure centres can benefit greatly from the heat technology systems Floortherm Renewables provides.



Our heat technology systems are perfect for creating a well-ventilated and comfortable environment.


Shoppers and workers alike can benefit from Floortherm's market-leading heating technology systems.


Large Buildings

Old and cold, large buildings are a thing of the past with Floortherm Renewables heating systems!

Ventilation Solutions

To achieve optimal ventilation, Floortherm Renewables maintains the highest standards of energy efficiency and flexibility to deliver the best indoor air quality. To attain clean indoor air, we ensure our ventilation products are seamlessly integrated in a total heat pump solution.

Fresh & Pure Indoor Air

To create the perfect indoor climate, there are 5 main components to consider when measuring the quality of indoor air and controlling it using our range of ventilation solutions.
  • COMPONENT1. Ventilation

    Ensuring the provision of fresh air

  • COMPONENT2. Energy Recovery

    Recovers heat and moisture from outgoing air to maximise comfort and efficiency

  • COMPONENT3. Air Processing

    Heats or cools incoming fresh air to maximise comfort and minimise the load of air conditioning installation

  • COMPONENT4. Humidification

    Optimises the balance between indoor and outdoor humidity

  • COMPONENT5. Filtration

    Removes dust, pollution and odours from the air





Ducting Solutions

All heat recovery ventilations system require ductwork & fittings to circulate the air throughout the dwelling. FloorTherm Renewables supply the complete range of high end top quality duct solutions in conjunction with our complementary design service to suit any design specification.

Radial System

Using Semi-Rigid Circular Ducting
Radial ducting system is the latest system to transport the air throughout properties in a more efficient & quieter manner. Radial ducting is suitable for all types of dwelling, particularly where design flexibility is required.

  • Cost Efficient
  • Excellent Airflow Rates
  • Suitable for DIY Installations
  • Suitable for Exposed Locations
  • Can be Commercially Cleaned
  • Available from 100mm-150mm Diameters

Branched System

Using Rigid Ductwork
Rigid ducting is commonly used as it is a much more cost-effective solution for installing a ventilation system. PVC Rigid ductwork has been used for over 50 years in domestic installations.

  • 50% Quicker Installation
  • No Sealant Required
  • Ring Stifness = 8kN/m2 (ENISO 9969)
  • 85% Less Connections
  • Bend Radius = 150mm (min)
  • Available in 50m Coils

Want to check out our full product range?

Feel free to download Floortherm Renewables’ product catalogue, in it you will find a whole host of information including product specifications and prices.